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Data Stream

Data Stream

The Data Stream includes Australian Public Service and other Commonwealth agencies seeking to recruit recent university graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in data and contributing to Australian society.

Data roles are varied and support evidence-based, informed decision making, and work across all aspects of Government such as policy development, research, program management and service delivery. Roles cover the full data lifecycle including survey and questionnaire development, research, data acquisition, data engineering and data analysis, as well as more specialised streams such as data science, methodology, geospatial analysis and data management.

Data graduates in the Australian Government have access to unparalleled datasets – stories from these datasets help policy makers make decisions for Australia. This is a real opportunity to give back to the public and help shape Australian decision making.

What Will I do?

Data Generalist

Data roles filled through this stream include Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Managers and Geospatial Analysts.

There are no requirements for any degrees or disciplines, though people who have undertaken data subjects are more likely to be successful. The types of backgrounds our graduates are from include analytics, actuarial studies, data science or mining, demography, economics, econometrics, engineering, finance, mathematics or mathematical modelling, machine learning, psychology, risk and intelligence analysis, social sciences, and statistics.

Data Specialist

Specialist roles filled through this stream can include Data Scientists (applied data science, data science developer, data modeller) and Statistical Methodologists (Data Collection Methodologist & Mathematical Stats Specialist).

While we consider most degree types, formal qualifications in data science, statistics, computer science, mathematics, econometrics, actuarial studies, physics, engineering, or other disciplines with a strong quantitative component are required.