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Economist Stream

Economist Stream

The Economist Stream gives successful graduates the opportunity to apply their skills and work on a diverse range of economic and research based projects with the Australian government’s leading economic policy analysts.

As an Economist graduate in the Australian government, you will contribute to informing decisions on policies for the good of the Australian people. This includes working in areas across government fiscal and monetary policies, budgetary policies, domestic and international economic situations (including industries, regions and socioeconomic groups), and forecasting changes in the economic environment.

What will I do?

Economist graduates will:

  • Gain exposure to real time economic modelling and forecasting using specialist tools and approaches
  • Have the opportunity to review, analyse and summarise data and information on financial, labour and other areas such as taxation, housing, retirement advice and investment, climate and energy and the small and family business sector
  • Engage in policy research and development to assist to implement new policy measures for the Australian Government