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Generalist Stream

Generalist Stream

As a Generalist Stream graduate, you will have the opportunity to work on contemporary policy and programs within the Australian Government. The work you do will influence important decisions, which may impact the everyday lives of many of your fellow Australians. You’ll offer advice, support and guidance on policies and see the direct impact it has on the public.

The Australian Government Graduate Program Generalist Stream offers challenges in a flexible and fast-paced environment. We want you to be adaptable, positive, and willing to learn and innovate. You will be challenged in your way of thinking, make important contributions through the work you do and help deliver on our commitments as an organisation.

What will I do?

Generalist Stream graduates work in a variety of roles across many different business areas that closely relate to the degree they have studied. Some of the work Generalist graduates could do to contribute to their organisation may include:

  • Undertaking a variety of tasks and activities within the business areas 
  • Contributing to the team and organisation’s strategic goals  
  • Undertaking analysis and research projects 
  • Coordinating requests for information across business areas 
  • Assisting with project/program management  
  • Preparing briefing materials, submissions, reports or correspondence