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Australian Government Graduate Programs

About the Graduate Program

In the Australian Government, you'll do meaningful work from day one, be asked to contribute and see the impact you can make in the Australian community we serve.

Australian Government Graduate Program


You have voice

Your voice, your perspective and with real Impact. Your opinion counts from day one and your perspective add to the diversity of viewpoints that allow us to solve some of the most complex problems facing the country. As a graduate, you bring a fresh and energised perspective which we value. With us, you're treated like a person who brings useful insights and will be challenged and supported to achieve your full potential.


Your work has relevance

The work you do impacts the lives of every Australian. Only a career in the Australian Government offers this experience and allows you to build a better Australia. Take the opportunity to shape the future in a constantly evolving world. There is always work to focus on as you look to engage with social, cultural, and political changes occurring in Australia.


Experience a lifetime of career opportunities

It's not just what you can do, but where you can do it in the Australian Government. Whatever your degree there are opportunities to apply your interests right across the Australian Government. We will invest in your development, take your degree and build a career with you encompassing new experiences, education and skills. A career in the Australian Government allows you to drive outcomes for the benefits of the Australian community we serve. There is a lifetime and multitude of career opportunities in the Australian Government and it's easy to move between different agencies for different career opportunities - join us and choose your own path.


Enjoy a balance

If you have balance in your work and life, you are more likely to be productive and engaged to bring new energy to the challenges we face every day in delivering outcomes for all Australians. We want people to feel well-remunerated and be able to manage their work/life balance, making and keeping their commitments outside of work – we want people to be focused on work but equally focused on their lives. We believe flexibility and balance are important in attracting a diverse workforce that reflects the Australian community we represent.

The Recruitment Process

There is a range of Australian Government Graduate Programs available.

You can apply:

  • directly to departments and agencies offering their own graduate programs,
  • once for a graduate program in either economics, data, digital, human resources, STEM or generalist streams - to be considered for graduate roles in a number of departments and agencies, or
  • through the Indigenous Graduate Pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduates, one application – many Australian Government opportunities.

Generally, graduate programs take 10 to 18 months to complete, with two to three rotations through different work areas, to give you a range of skills, knowledge and experience at the start of your career.

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