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Australian Government Graduate Program Careers Fair

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The Australian Government Graduate Program Careers Fair was held on Wednesday, March 15th 2020 between 11:00 am to 1:00 pm AEDT. It was for students studying any degree wanting to explore careers in the government sector.

The fair was live for two hours. During the first 30 minutes, students were invited to join one of several Focus Sessions. For the remaining 1.5 hours, they could meet with employers live in their own video booth.

Focus Sessions (first 30 minutes)

Begin the fair here and decide which session to join below.

Begin the fair by joining one of the below Focus Sessions. These concurrent sessions will give you an opportunity to find out more about the new economics, data, digital, human resources, STEM or generalist streams.

We’ve assembled panels of recruiters from Australia’s top employers in each stream. Come prepared with questions to ask the panellists!

When the session is open, you can click the "Join" button below.

Exhibitor Sessions (remaining 1.5 hours)

Next up, join your future employer in a video booth!

For the remainder of the fair, you can meet agencies in their booths below. The time is broken into three half an hour blocks. During each block, exhibitors may present on a particular topic, run speed interviews, or simply be open for questions from students.

Click below to review exhibitor agendas.

Review exhibitor agendas

Data Stream

Speak to agencies participating in the Data Stream

Human Resources Stream

Speak to agencies participating in the Human Resources Stream

All other graduate programs

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