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National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)

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Rodney Sujamto Sor

7.30 AM

Wake up!!! Eat my breakfast, drink my coffee and getting myself ready for work.

8.00 AM

I say a quick prayer then commute to work for an early start. I work in the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) area of the Inclusion Strategies team. The team’s responsibility includes providing strategic policy advice, regarding the inclusion and engagement of people with disability from CALD backgrounds. This includes supporting the NDIA to facilitate respectful and inclusive practices when communicating with people with a disability from CALD backgrounds.

8.30 AM

Arrive at work. Firstly, I begin my day by reviewing my emails and meeting invites in order to plan my work for the day. Next, I quickly review the NDIA daily media report, looking for any media articles that are relevant to my team.

9.00 AM

Today, I am developing a communications plan for my team’s intranet page. The communications plan consists of updated talking points and a PowerPoint presentation about the Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Strategy and the NDIS.

12.00 PM

It is lunchtime. YAY!!! The NDIA promotes flexible working arrangements which enable staff to maintain a healthy work-life balance. For some, this means having one hour lunch or even longer for special occasions. For me, it is usually a half hour lunch which means at the end of the day; I get to go home a half hour earlier than most people in the office.

Rodney with colleagues

1.00 PM

It is time for a teleconference call with the rest of the team. This is an opportunity for us to discuss any achievements, work-related issues and upcoming work over a fortnightly period. At the NDIA many teams work virtually, for my team it means we have colleagues based in Sydney and Geelong.

Rodney during teleconference call

2.00 PM

It is time for another teleconference call with my colleagues in Geelong to discuss a project we are currently working on. The purpose of this meeting is for one of the team’s director to approve our ideas for a project, which will allow us to commence engagement with other teams across the NDIA.

Rodney call with team

3.00 PM

After having back-to-back meetings, I return to doing my day-to-day work. This usually involves replying to emails, reading documents or writing documents such as project plans or ministerial correspondences. Today was a good day, meaning I get to go home on time. Sometimes I finish anywhere between 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm, depending on the urgency and difficulty of my workload.

Rodney during teleconference call with the team

4.30 PM

It is the best time all the time; it is home time!!!